How to keep the septic system healthy?

There's a significant probability that your home's wastewater is managed by a septic system if you reside in a rural location. Additionally, if you're a new owner of a septic tank, you might not be aware that maintaining a healthy septic system involves some maintenance. The good news is that maintaining a septic system doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or unpleasant. Your septic system will function effectively for many years to come if you keep up with simple cleaning and maintenance. You can easily get help from BEPE that offers 24 hour emergency plumber in Melbourne.  

Here are some tips for maintaining the health and effectiveness of your septic system!

  • Inspection of Your Septic System
  Your septic system's health will be enhanced by routine inspections and upkeep. Inspections can help identify little problems like water leaks that can make the septic tank fill up more rapidly. Repairing minor faults as soon as they arise will help prevent them from developing into larger concerns later on.   It's also crucial to routinely pump out your septic tank. The size of your home, the volume of wastewater produced, and the size of the septic tank are just a few of the variables that affect how frequently the septic tank has to be pumped out. If in doubt, it's a good idea to have your septic tank cleaned out every three to five years.  
  • Utilize Water Wisely
  Overuse of water is frequently a contributing cause in septic system failure. Make any required repairs to leaky faucets and toilets. This will aid in lowering the volume of water entering the septic tank.   Another thing to remember is to avoid draining your hot tub into the septic tank or drain field since doing so might cause your drain field to become "drowned." Additionally, the chlorine in the hot tub can eliminate the microorganisms in your septic tank, which might lead to problems in the future.  
  • Take Care of Your Landscaping
  For your drain field, grass is the best covering since it will lessen erosion. Although anything with a longer root system, especially trees, might cause root incursion and structural damage to your septic tank, plants with shallow root systems can also be employed close to the drain field.   A difficulty exists when the drain field has too much water. A drain field should not get any excess water from sprinklers or irrigation systems.  
  • Maintain a clear drain field
  The drain field should never be used for parking or driving. Keep out of this area any patios, carports, storage structures, or plastic used for landscaping. By doing this, the earth in this location won't be compacted, which might lead to pipes breaking.  
  • Keep the lid of your septic tank accessible
  Your septic tank would benefit greatly from having a riser. It makes it possible for inspections to be faster and less expensive. Additionally, a riser makes it easier to empty your septic tank and causes less trash and inconvenience to your yard.  
  • Keep An Eye on What Drains
  Reduce the use of the garbage disposal or garbage disposal to avoid the septic tank from becoming clogged with sediments. The drain field may soon get clogged or choked by this buildup.   Grease should never be poured down the drain. Along the drainage pipes, the grease can frequently build muck. Over time, too much grease in the drain might clog the drain field, requiring perhaps expensive repairs.  
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet
  Other than human waste and toilet paper, never flush anything down the toilet. Each septic tank contains the microorganisms required to break down the particles inside. This bacteria may be killed by pouring chemicals down the drain and into the septic system, which might lead to problems later. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products will lessen the impact on the septic tank's bacterial population.   Call your local 24 hour emergency plumber in Melbourne, if your septic system has any issues. Septic tank overflow can cause sewage to back up into your basement. You may get the cleanup help for BEPE. You can rely on us for wise counsel and first-rate service since they are a member of the Neighbour family of residential plumbing & electrical services.