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We provide a comprehensive range of services to fulfil your typical plumbing requirements. We stand behind our work and pledge to deliver skilled solutions with a cheerful attitude.


We offer a highly skilled and professional team that can provide you with exceptional service in all aspects of electrical maintenance and servicing.

Heating & Cooling

Melbourne's summers may be scorching! Our highly trained service technicians will ensure that your air conditioner is operating at top efficiency.

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Plumbing Services

With Melbourne Emergency Plumber

Leaking Sinks, Taps Or Toilets

When it comes to home comforts, the small details count. That is why even the smallest drips and leaks in plumbing fixtures may be a source of frustration. We, at Emergency plumbing and electrical specialise in repairing common problems such as leaking sinks, faucets, and toilets.

Drainage And Sewage

Any clog or crack in the pipes would result in bad odours and other problems. Because most drainage and sewage systems are underground, detecting a problem as soon as possible may not be difficult. We advise homeowners to call Melbourne emergency plumber soon as they see a problem. We have the most up-to-date equipment to discover and correct problems with the least amount of damage to the surrounding pipelines.

Cracked Or Blocked Pipes

Emergency Plumbing Electrical has the technical expertise to deal with any type of pipe breaks or blockages. This might be a serious problem since it may not be evident on the surface and, if left handled, could cause property damage. The majority of pipelines are buried to protect them from outside hazards.

Plumbing For New Homes

Plumbing and electrical services are essential for a home's or building's seamless operation. Irregularities and problems in these factors might have a negative impact on one's quality of life. Emergency Plumbing Electrical provides high-quality plumbing services for new construction projects.

Showers And Baths

Showers and bathing solutions are a must-have in any house or structure. Emergency Plumbing Electrical is an industry leader in this field. Our Melbourne emergency plumber identify the client's unique requirements and develop appropriate solutions.

Electrical Services

Our Services in Electrical


Emergency Plumbing Electrical is known for providing comprehensive lighting solutions. Every structure and home requires proper lighting. All of our solutions are both visually pleasing and energy-efficient. Our electrical contractors in Melbourne would perform a thorough examination of the structure. We have a methodical and controlled procedure that will improve the lights' overall functionality.

Surge Protection

A certain quantity of power supply can be withheld by all equipment. Consistent fluctuations or surges, on the other hand, can harm the entire system. Internal components would be weakened, and there would be a risk of spontaneous fires. Installing a safe surge protection system with electrical contarctors in Melbourne might help you prevent these problems.

Fault Detection

Electrical failures are dangerous because a slight problem can quickly escalate into a major problem. In this category, Emergency Plumbing Electrical focuses on delivering high-quality, secure solutions. Our team of electrical contractors in Melbourne investigates the problems and offers efficient solutions.

Heating & Cooling Services

Heating & Cooling Services in Melbourne

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become one of the most important aspects of modern life. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get by without this device, especially in hot and humid weather. Previously, this device's use was restricted to a select group of people. However, it is now considered common practice to include it in the principal list of appliances.

Duct Cleaning

An HVAC system is installed in every contemporary home and structure to ensure that air is delivered efficiently. This equipment's vents or air ducts are vulnerable to both external and internal pollutants. These particles, if left unchecked, can cause serious harm to persons and property.

Gas Heating

Emergency Plumbing Electrical provides effective and efficient gas heating solutions to suit Melbourne's unique climate. We develop and implement one-of-a-kind heating systems to meet specific requirements. Our staff would examine the property and determine the most important requirements.

Evaporative Cooling

Traditional air conditioning can be replaced by evaporative cooling. The installation and maintenance of this system are handled by our staff, who are skilled and well-trained. Before starting the procedure, we make sure we understand the building specs and the surrounding environment.


What our Customer says


I had Ballarat Emergency Plumbing come out and give me a quote to repair my rusted galvanised pipes.They were professional and turned up on time. They did wonderful job and cleaned up afterwards.

Mary, Mornington

We have used Bepe Plumbing services many times, from emergency work. BEPE had been always very responsive., flexible, and prompt with his services. All the works completed were to the highest.

We have put a 60-minute response time frame in place to ensure that every inquiry we receive is addressed within an hour.

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